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Oct 28

Timeless Elegance: White Oak Kitchen Cabinets for Modern Luxury

  Elevate Your Look with White Oak Kitchen Cabinets Known for their distinctive grain and warmth, white oak kitchen cabinets have taken center stage in modern kitchen designs. The reason is simple—they appeal to anyone looking for a perfect blend of luxury and durability. In this post, we’ll explore the unique appeal of white oak […]
Mar 30

Amy Davidson

The Kitchen Of Her Dreams Actress, Mother, Dog lover, and Social Media Influencer, Amy Davidson is one busy woman. When she approached The Cabinet Face, we knew we wanted to help make her complete kitchen remodel run a lot smoother and become the kitchen of her dreams. Amy’s open floor plan allows her kitchen to […]
Aug 22

Walnut Slab Our Most Versatile Material Great For Any Room Remodel

Are you looking for a super reliable material that will withstand rough use and maintain its rich tones for years to come? Look no further than our walnut slab or walnut shaker cabinet faces for IKEA Pax and Godmorgon Cabinets. We recently noticed that many of our featured projects through last year have relied on […]
Jun 24

The best kept secret for increasing and improving storage space, the IKEA PAX Cabinet System

One of the most common reasons we see our clients do a kitchen or bathroom remodel is that they need more storage space. They either get to a point where they are limited to how much they can store or are looking to organize their lives and cabinets better. Unfortunately, how do you add more […]
Apr 07

Create stunning kitchen remodels with just the IKEA Planner and The Cabinet Face Experts

Often, clients find The Cabinet Face when they are in the initial planning phases of their redecoration process. They need to look at potential options for cabinet faces and determine pricing, finishes, and layouts. Or you could be doing a full DIY project on your own without the assistance of a 3rd party consultant. Either […]
Mar 25

Overcoming Obstacles With The Cabinet Face Team

Home remodeling projects aren’t always easy. From delayed project timelines to poor communication, unexpected setbacks will always happen. That is why it is important to work with companies that understand the inevitability of bottlenecks in the process and will help guide you through it. As soon as you submit your project plans, The Cabinet Face […]
Mar 24
Mar 16