Overcoming Obstacles With The Cabinet Face Team

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Home remodeling projects aren’t always easy. From delayed project timelines to poor communication, unexpected setbacks will always happen.

That is why it is important to work with companies that understand the inevitability of bottlenecks in the process and will help guide you through it.

As soon as you submit your project plans, The Cabinet Face takes a hands-on approach personally reviewing every project, identifying hiccups before they happen, and looking at ways to set realistic timelines and expectations. Their consultations come with over a combined 50 years of cabinet building experience. With this knowledge, The Cabinet Face can, in some cases, could include saving time and money.

In a recent project we assisted with, our client went through a few different issues with their remodel. From cycling through a handful of contractors to multiple redo’s, our team tried to be as communicative as possible and as swift as we could addressing the updates and changes.

Here is what our client had to say:

“The Cabinet Face was by my side through one incompetent contractor, three-panel redos, and a boatload of angst. Thank you for your patience, fantastic product, and great customer service. The kitchen looks great.”

These beautiful kitchen remodels used our maple slab. The seamless look on both the island and stovetop was made using IKEA SEKTION frames which helps to add a little texture and pop to the all-white kitchen. It also creates a modern feel on the kitchen island that makes it a great place to eat breakfast or host-guest while making dinner.



Maple Natural Wood Slab

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