Self Designed Project In A High Efficiency Home

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Welcome to our new Feature My Project Series. On todays feature, we take a look at a self designed project that takes a classic house and renovates it into a high efficiency home.

We regularly have clients send us completed projects and we are excited to share them with you and show you examples of our custom cabinetry. Each project is unique and come with their own challenges and opportunities. To help assist you in your remodel journey, you can see examples and inspirations to help you decide what cabinet faces you will use in your next home renovation project.

In this week’s featured project we take you to Missoula, Montana for a gorgeous kitchen renovation that utilizes our high gloss slab acrylic cabinet face in twilight blue.

The goal of this project was to jazz up and brighten a fairly small kitchen project. This client knew exactly what he wanted and so it was very easy for us to take his submitted plans, create the panels and ship them out for the beautiful finished results.

You can see our cabinet faces on the outer cabinets and on the island in the middle.




Featured Material:

Twilight Blue High Gloss Slab 

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