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The PAX closet system can be combined into multiple layouts to fit nearly any space in a bedroom, office, laundry room, or even a mudroom. The Cabinet Face offers doors and panels for the PAX system, click on any + icon below to view more information. Transform your closet cabinets with beautiful components that are made from quality materials.

Closet Components- Doors

PAX units in Pure White High-Gloss Acrylic Slab


We manufacture fronts for the IKEA PAX collection in all of our Slab materials. Our doors are longer than IKEA’s in order to cover up the base of the PAX box. For example a 39.375″wide by 93.125″ tall box will come with 2 19.5″w x 92.375″ doors. For the 79.25″ tall box our doors will be 78.5″ tall. However, we also offer our PAX doors in IKEA standard sizes upon request.

Grain direction will run vertically on all Textured Melamine PAX parts. Our Wood Slab doors come standard with vertical grain however if you would like horizontal grain there is a $99 custom part fee.

Closet Components- Panels and Fillers

PAX units in Stone Matte Finish Acrylic Slab


Our PAX panels are made to cover the sides of the box and sit flush with our custom doors. If you are creating a built-in closet we suggest ordering our filler pieces which are meant to be cut and scribed on site. They are manufactured 10” wide, and are used to fill in gaps between your cabinet and the wall.