The best kept secret for increasing and improving storage space, the IKEA PAX Cabinet System

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  9. The best kept secret for increasing and improving storage space, the IKEA PAX Cabinet System

One of the most common reasons we see our clients do a kitchen or bathroom remodel is that they need more storage space. They either get to a point where they are limited to how much they can store or are looking to organize their lives and cabinets better. Unfortunately, how do you add more storage space without turning your project from a facelift to a complete teardown and expansion of the house? 

One of the best-kept secrets and most underutilized solutions to adding and improving storage space with limited real estate is it uses the IKEA PAX Cabinet system. The PAX wardrobe system offers a ton of flexibility and customizability when added to any area in your room.

What is PAX? 

The IKEA PAX wardrobe is a customizable wardrobe frame that comes in various dimensions, heights, and widths. The frames are lightweight and can be easily moved around during construction; they do not need to be built into the wall and can fit into any predesigned inlets your house already has. The PAX frame only comes in white but can be painted to match the design and aesthetic of your home. 

Because of this, these wardrobes are lightweight and can be in any room that needs some extra storage without any significant construction. Also, because of their varying dimensions, they can fit into areas that traditionally built-in storage could not. We like them because they are a perfect accent piece for open floor plan remodels. They can be placed in a transition spot, say from the kitchen to the dining room, and pull the whole space together while adding functionality to the home. 

The PAX wardrobe system also provides various organization and storage solutions that you can mix and match to serve your needs. You aren’t limited to just shelves; you can add hanging rods, sliding baskets, and various other solutions to make it the best solution for you. 

Finally, these wardrobes offer both sliding and hinged doors. A sliding door is a great way to minimize space and help the cabinet fit into tinier spaces. Because the door doesn’t swing out, you can have a broader frame in a more narrow room. Not only that, but you can also give your house a more modern feel.

PAX and The Cabinet Face 

We love the versatility and affordability of the IKEA PAX wardrobe system. That is why we have used it as an anchor in our work and allow it to continue to inspire us on any project. From kitchens to bathrooms and everywhere in between, the PAX is our go-to secret weapon for storage and aesthetics. 

Jenna Sue Design- PAX (After) PAX- DIY Paint Grade Shaker (custom trim and moulding). This is a custom design using IKEA's Pax system and The Cabinet Face fronts. All part dimensions were supplied by the designer.  Many projects we work with use the PAX Wardrobe system as an anchor because of their sheer size. Whether using natural wood or acyclic material, the surface area can help make a room pop, feel brighter, and make a remodel come together. 

One of our favorite collaborations, and one of the most popular designs we have ever posted online, utilized the PAX System and our Paint Grade Custom Door Shakers. Designed and created by Jenna Sue Design and featured in a Living Etc. Article, this bedroom upgrade took a cramped closet space and upgraded to a sleek and fully functional closet that opened up and made the room feel modern and chic. 



Have you used the PAX System in your remodel? 

Are you ready to add a PAX wardrobe to your next project? First, use IKEA’s Planner Tool to design your wardrobe, then submit the plans to us and start looking at our wide array of materials to find the right cabinet face option. From there, our team will reach out and get started.