Walnut Slab Our Most Versatile Material Great For Any Room Remodel

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Are you looking for a super reliable material that will withstand rough use and maintain its rich tones for years to come? Look no further than our walnut slab or walnut shaker cabinet faces for IKEA Pax and Godmorgon Cabinets. We recently noticed that many of our featured projects through last year have relied on our walnut materials to bring their room remodels together. Many of our customers utilized our walnut slab cabinet faces in their designs, whether it was a family room, kitchen, or bathroom. Walnut is a very popular material, and we appreciate so many of our customers utilize it. Not only is it an excellent material that has kept its appearance for many years, but its versatility makes it great as an accent material or focal point for any design aesthetic.


Walnut is a timeless material with a rich natural beauty that can be incorporated into various décor styles. This material complements a variety of decor styles and infuses timeless elegance into any space. Walnut can be featured in prominent swooping cathedrals of art deco kitchens and sitting rooms. The deep coffee and warm brown tones of walnut can complement other materials in granite or even other woods.


Our walnut slab and shaker materials are known for their durability and ease of cleaning. Because of the durability of the wood, you can place it in high-use areas without any worries of chipping or wear. The material is a superb option for those who enjoy wood’s organic qualities and dark cabinetry’s visual appeal. Our material’s chocolate hue will add warmth to your kitchenbathroomcloset, or any room, creating an inviting yet sophisticated aesthetic.
Walnut can be used as full length closet doors, cabinet faces in both kitchens and bathrooms as well as accent shelves as seen in the the featured kitchen image above. It’s versatility allows it to be used for every type of shelving or storage solution in your home.


Because of its versatility, walnut is excellent as a center or accent material in any room. We like the sleek appeal of the walnut slab for a seamless look in the kitchen or family room. Its application can help hide extra storage in a room, making it feel more open. In a kitchen, the walnut shaker can accent the cabinetry and work well to highlight the materials used for countertops and backsplashes. The rich chocolate browns can be used to bring warm tones to a room when you use, for example, lighter granite countertops that, without the

m, could make a room feel more sterile. However you use walnut, it will stand the test of time and make a great space.

If you are interested in our walnut faces or want to see if they are right for you, you can learn more here. Interested in other materials options? Order a material sample pack here.