Create stunning kitchen remodels with just the IKEA Planner and The Cabinet Face Experts

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Often, clients find The Cabinet Face when they are in the initial planning phases of their redecoration process. They need to look at potential options for cabinet faces and determine pricing, finishes, and layouts. Or you could be doing a full DIY project on your own without the assistance of a 3rd party consultant. Either way, planning for your project without the assistance of a architect or designer could feel overwhelming or confusing.

That is where The Cabinet Face can help.

Our planning process was designed to be as simple as possible and help you to ensure that your designs and vision can be made real. Because we utilize IKEA hardware, you can utilize IKEA’s online planning tools to create blueprints that we use to determine pricing and design for you. Simply upload your plans and our expert team has the ability to

Our custom cabinet faces work with IKEA SEKTION, GODMORGON, and PAX systems. When using IKEA’s Planning Tools, you can create a blueprint and upload it directly to our site.

The project seen here is the second kitchen redecoration this customer has done with The Cabinet Face. Instead of working with a designer, they were able to simply upload their IKEA plans directly to our website and we were able to look at their project, determine if their design worked with the space, and made recommendations or modifications where necessary.

As they stated:

“We configured and designed the kitchen ourselves using the Ikea planner, and The Cabinet Face oversaw our plans to make sure our fronts worked as expected. We did not use an architect or decorator, and were very happy with the results and the cost.”

If you are looking at some options for your next project, first head to the IKEA site to plan your project. Download the plans and then upload them on our site.

Once uploaded we can go ahead and review the plans and get back to you with customized suggestions and help you create the kitchen, bathroom, or closet of your dreams.




Beige Matte Finish Slab

Silver Metallic Acrylic Slab

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