4 Stunning Projects Featuring Custom Cabinet Fronts from The Cabinet Face

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The Cabinet Face is all about transforming cabinetry through quality craftsmanship which is why we’re excited to share some projects from 2020 that elevated their kitchen and bathroom IKEA® systems with our custom cabinet fronts. We believe everyone deserves beauty in their homes, without having to overspend for it, and these projects prove that you can! Check out the beautiful cabinets they were able to achieve by pairing our quality, made-to-order components to complete their new kitchen or bathroom design.

Collected Eclectic Bathroom and Kitchen Refresh

Collected Eclectic is a design and sustainable living blog from creative powerhouse couple, Grace and Michael. When they decided to refresh their bathroom and kitchen cabinets, they used several materials from The Cabinet Face to create a light and airy feel, while enjoying more storage space.

Linen Closet Cabinets

Collected Eclectic’s bathroom reveal converted their open shelves into an enclosed linen closet by using IKEA® Sektion cabinet bases with our Pebble Matte Finish Acrylic Slab and custom reeded glass insets. According to Grace and Michael, “It’s the perfect light creamy cool tone and the finish is as beautiful as it is durable.”

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Inside the bathroom, they used the IKEA® Godmorgon vanity with our Cherry Natural Wood Slab. To complete the look, they also used end panels that were grain matched to the fronts. The paint color (Sherwin Williams Roan Chestnut) pulls from the Cherry wood, tying the space together.

Collected Eclectic's custom cabinet fronts from The Cabinet Face

Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

Collected Eclectic’s kitchen reveal was the biggest project they’ve taken on thus far and the results turned out amazing. They swapped their open shelving for a full height pantry, giving them more storage space. The doors, panels, and toe kicks use our Red Oak Natural Wood Slab that complements the room’s color palette beautifully.

Collected Eclectic's kitchen custom cabinet fronts from The Cabinet Face

Buildwell Kitchen Design and Remodel

Buildwell is a fantastic group of designers and builders based in Boulder, Colorado. They used the IKEA® Sektion system to save cost on the base cabinetry, but also to allow complete customization of how the layout would work.

Pantry and Upper Kitchen Cabinets

The left side features a custom floor to ceiling pantry, comprised of drawers and doors. The refrigerator is able to blend into the tall cabinets next to it with custom appliance panels. The vertical grain of our White Ash Natural Wood Slab, complete with the larger filler panels at the top and upper cabinets on the right, really accentuates the tall ceiling.

Lower Kitchen Cabinets

On the lower cabinets, our White Matte Finish Acrylic Slab was used for doors, drawers, and another appliance panel on the dishwasher. The tile choice and installation pattern is a unique look that brings color into the space without overpowering the tones in the cabinets.

Buildwell's kitchen custom cabinet fronts in White Ash Natural Wood Slab and White Matte Finish Acrylic Slab

Catherine’s Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Down in Mesa, Arizona, our customer Catherine created a two-tone kitchen using IKEA® Sektion system with The Cabinet Face’s panels to create division between her upper doors. It’s a look we don’t see often due to IKEA®’s construction method, but it’s a unique way to create different layouts, and a way to avoid small fillers at the end of a cabinet span.

Upper Kitchen Cabinets

On the wall uppers, you’ll see our Pebble Matte Finish Acrylic Slab. Pebble is a great way to bring in some color to a room if you’re looking for something more than just white, and it’s a great complementary color to Vail. Add in some incredible tile (that was not planned to look like our brand colors!), and you can have an eye-catching kitchen with many details to see wherever you look.

Lower and Island Kitchen Cabinets

The lower cabinets and island are finished in Vail Textured Melamine Slab. If you look closely, you’ll see how the island maximizes storage options by using cabinets on the front side, next to a nook for stools on the left.

IKEA Sektion kitchen cabinet fronts in Matte Finish Acrylic Slab, Pebble and Textured Melamine Slab, Vail

Refresh Your Space with New Cabinet Fronts

You don’t need an exorbitant budget to refresh your home with new kitchen or bathroom cabinets. By pairing The Cabinet Face’s custom fronts with IKEA® Sektion, Godmorgon, and PAX systems, you’ll be able to achieve stunning results that will look as good or better than expensive luxury cabinets. We offer a variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, and textured melamine to fit different styles and budgets. Complete your room’s new look with elegant floating shelves to add more storage and a special design detail.