Pebble Matte Finish Slab




Achieve beautiful light cabinets that will open up your kitchen, bathroom, or closet with our Pebble Matte Finish Acrylic Slab. Its color is a blend of cool gray and warm beige, creating an airy neutral that works well with many color palettes and balances out more vibrant colors. In addition to its lovely pale hue, acrylic is a low-maintenance material that’s resistant to scratches, chemicals, and UV exposure. With this material, your light cabinets will be immaculate for years.

Pebble Matte Finish Acrylic Slab will make your space feel more calm and inviting with its elegant neutral color while its flat finish adds a soft tactile quality. Matte also provides the benefit of hiding smudges and fingerprints better than glossy surfaces so there’s even less upkeep. Furthermore, the material’s edge banding is coated with a specially formulated lacquer to continue the matte finish and color for a cohesive appearance.

Order a sample of Pebble Matte Finish Acrylic Slab to get a closer look at this sophisticated material.

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Weight 1 oz