Red Oak Slab


Red Oak Slab


Add warmth to a space while creating a classic cabinetry look with our Red Oak Slab, a durable material that brings the beauty of nature indoors. Red oak is a dense, strong wood that has an open grain pattern and features prominent lines and knots. Its open grain pattern is perfect for injecting an organic quality into a kitchen, bathroom, or closet.

The material has a medium blond color with light red undertones that pair well with earthy color palettes. Its open grain pattern also gives texture to the surface, further highlighting its wood character when touched. Red Oak Slab is a great choice for achieving a natural yet timeless aesthetic with your cabinetry.

Order a sample of Red Oak Slab today to discover the organic appeal of red oak wood.

**Images and samples are meant only to be a representation of the quality of our natural wood products. We do not guarantee they will match your finished product exactly.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Sample Size

4" x 5", 8" x 10"