A family affair blending old school charm and modern aesthetics

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A Modern Family Affair

We love when Clients send us their after photos when they utilize our cabinet faces. We are part of the process from initial inquiry to final delivery but after the installation, sometimes we have to imagine what the actual cabinets will look like. Fortunately, this client sent us photos of their full house remodel that utilizes high gloss and matte acrylic materials for a modern look. The juxtaposition of the robin blue cabinet faces against the 100 year old brick is outstanding and was awe inspiring to see.

Combining Modern Aesthetics In A Functional Way

“We added on to a brick house that was built in 1896. Since it was impossible to match the brick, we decided to make the addition very modern. The new space included a garage and living space above it. We also remodeled the interior of the old house. Our daughter and son-in-law were our contractors and we all participated in the design and construction. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and love the results.

We used Cabinet Face materials in four different spaces: the master bath, upstairs bath, laundry room, and upstairs hallway. The master bath is in the old part of the house, the others are all in the new areas.’

For the master bath, we used a high-gloss acrylic slab in sage. (We used IKEA’s Sektion cabinets in this room, which are higher than traditional bath vanities – which we really like.)

In the upstairs bath, we used quarter-sawn oak on an IKEA Godmorgan vanity and on a Sektion cabinet.

In the laundry room, we used matte finish acrylic slab in sage on Sektion cabinets.

In the upstairs hall, we used matte finish acrylic slab in midnight blue on Sektion cabinets.”

As a result, this 100+ year old house has become an attractive and modern looking abode utilizing materials and colors that will stand the test of time.

Master Bath
Upstairs Bath
Laundry Room

High Gloss Acrylic Slab in Sage
Quarter Sawn Oak
Matte Finish Acrylic Sab in Sage
Matte Finish Acrylic Slab in Midnight Blue

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