Walnut Slab


Walnut Slab


Elevate your cabinets and home with the rich natural beauty of Walnut Slab. This material complements a variety of decor styles and infuses timeless elegance into any space. It features prominent swooping cathedrals that highlight the walnut’s wood character. In addition to its attractive look, walnut is a durable, long-lasting wood that is resistant to wear and tear.

Our material’s chocolate hue will add warmth to your kitchen, bathroom, closet, or any room, creating an inviting yet sophisticated aesthetic. Walnut cabinet fronts work with many interior styles from traditional to contemporary. The material is a superb option for those who enjoy the organic qualities of wood and the visual appeal of dark cabinetry.

Order a sample of Walnut Slab today to appreciate walnut’s elegance in person.

**Images and samples are meant only to be a representation of the quality of our natural wood products. We do not guarantee they will match your finished product exactly.

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Weight 1 oz
Sample Size

4" x 5", 8" x 10"