The Washington Post Features Kitchen Cabinet Fronts from The Cabinet Face

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On April 1, The Washington Post featured a home renovation by Amy and Jay Hariani of their 1895 turreted rowhouse in Bloomingdale, Washington. The couple wanted to blend Scandinavian simplicity (think natural woods and light tones) with the bold colors and textures of India, similar to their own cultural backgrounds.

One way they did this was by selecting the IKEA® Sektion system for their kitchen cabinetry and using custom Walnut Natural Wood Slab fronts by The Cabinet Face. The end result was a warm yet minimalist aesthetic that fit their style perfectly.

Read more about the Harianis’ home and cabinetry transformation!

Washington Post

Materials and Components

We carefully select materials that support and encourage quality over quantity while providing sensible price points for our customers. The Cabinet Face offers wood, acrylic, and melamine materials in a variety of colors, grains, and finishes to achieve your cabinetry design vision.

In addition to our extensive selection of materials, we also offer many cabinetry components like doors, drawer fronts, and panels for IKEA® Sektion, Godmorgon, and PAX cabinet systems.

  • Kitchen (Sektion): Customizable to fit your exact needs thanks to its flexible modular design.
  • Bath (Godmorgon): Balances design and function so it’s easier to get ready in the morning or prepare for bed.
  • Closet (Pax): Improves closet organization and increases storage space without compromising on style.

While custom fronts for IKEA® cabinet systems are what we make, it’s our passionate team of designers, woodworkers, and furniture builders that sets The Cabinet Face apart.

About Our Company

The Cabinet Face was founded in 2015 by two woodworkers, Kyle Kwiatkowski and William Wolff, in Denver, CO. After discovering that you could buy just the boxes and hardware from IKEA®, they created The Cabinet Face so everyone can have access to high-quality cabinets.

Today, The Cabinet Face bridges the gap between high-end design and mass production because we believe that everyone should be able to have quality craftsmanship. Our custom doors, drawer fronts, and panels are 95% USA-made, often right here in our home state.

Browse our kitchen, bath, and closet project galleries to inspire your own cabinetry transformation!