Metallic Acrylics – Set


Metallic Acrylics- Set


This sample set consists of 8 samples from the Metallic Gloss Acrylic Slab and Metallic Matte Acrylic Slab categories:

  • Black- Metallic Gloss Acrylic Slab
  • Champagne- Metallic Gloss Acrylic Slab
  • Graphite- Metallic Gloss Acrylic Slab
  • Silver- Metallic Gloss Acrylic Slab
  • Champagne- Metallic Matte Acrylic Slab
  • Graphite- Metallic Matte Acrylic Slab
  • Silver- Metallic Matte Acrylic Slab
  • Starlight- Metallic Matte Acrylic Slab

This set is a quick way to order all of our Metallic slab samples without having to buy them individually.

** Due to pandemic related material availability, we have decided to transition the core of our Matte Finish acrylic products from our standard hardwood Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) to a Premium White Pine Particle Board for the foreseeable future. Be aware that the sample you receive may not yet be updated to reflect this core material change that will be used in your project. This change does NOT affect the quality or color of the product you will receive, though it does ensure we maintain our manufacturing timeframes and high craftsmanship. **

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Weight 1 oz