Starlight Metallic Matte Slab




Elevate your cabinets with the mystery and sophistication of Starlight Metallic Matte Acrylic Slab. Its dark gray color has warm undertones and subtle glitter that will transform your cabinets, creating an exquisite design statement. It’s more than just beautiful, the material is also low-maintenance and durable against scratches, chemicals, and UV exposure. Your alluring dark cabinets will retain their high-end appearance for years with minimal upkeep.

Starlight Metallic Matte Acrylic Slab has a modern appeal due to its streamlined flat-panel style and versatile gray color that complements many palettes. Its matte finish brings a supple quality to cabinets that’s pleasing to the senses. Additionally, matte is perfect for busy households because it hides fingerprints and smudges better than gloss. As a final touch, we apply a specially formulated lacquer coating around the edge banding to complete the look.

Order a sample of Starlight Metallic Matte Acrylic Slab to view and touch this attractive material in person.

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Weight 1 oz