Summit Shaker




Achieve classic wood-tone cabinets with the charming appeal of our Summit Melamine Shaker. The material transforms kitchens, bathrooms, and closets with warm brown cabinets that are both elegant and inviting. This material complements a variety of decor styles by providing a timeless backdrop to your space. Its rich brown color with dark striations creates a stately cabinet look while the material’s durability ensures it looks beautiful throughout the years.

Summit Melamine Shaker features excellent resistance against moisture, heat, and stains so it’s simple to clean and maintain – an ideal material for active households or those who admire craftsmanship. The recessed center panel adds dimension and depth to the space and the unique wood-like texture gives cabinets a pleasing tactile effect. Enhance your home with quality cabinets that are beautiful, strong, and budget-friendly.

Order a sample of Summit Textured Melamine Shaker to enjoy its classic color and texture up close.

Please note: Shaker samples are built as an 8" x 10" piece, complete with a corner joint so you can get a sense of how our shaker components are constructed.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Sample Size

8" x 10"