Orange High-Gloss Shaker




Inject a playful energy into your home with our Orange High-Gloss Acrylic Shaker. Its vibrant orange hue is a bold and lively choice for cabinets that will awaken your senses like fresh citrus. This material not only is eye-catching, but it’s also low-maintenance and requires minimal upkeep. Our acrylic is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and UV exposure so you can rest assured your cabinet fronts will stand the test of time.

Orange High-Gloss Acrylic Shaker will brighten and add warmth to your home, creating an inviting atmosphere. Its glossy sheen makes the color pop even more and the classic Shaker style adds depth and dimension. The surface is also dry-erase certified which opens up the creativity possibilities even further. Whether you use this material as an accent or throughout all of your cabinets, you’ll love the excitement it brings to your home.

Order a sample of Orange High-Gloss Acrylic Shaker to enjoy this vibrant material up close.

Please note: Shaker samples are built as an 8" x 10" piece, complete with a corner joint so you can get a sense of how our shaker components are constructed.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Sample Size

8" x 10"