Quarter Sawn Mahogany Slab


Quarter Sawn Mahogany



Upgrade your cabinets with Quarter Sawn Mahogany Slab, a timeless material that makes any space look more stately. Mahogany is a strong yet highly workable wood which is why it’s popular for cabinet making and woodworking. Since the mahogany is cut perpendicular to the annular rings (a process known as ‘quarter sawing’), it produces a unique linear grain pattern.

The ribbon grain of mahogany is highlighted by its attractive reddish-brown color, perfect for adding warmth to a kitchen, bathroom, or closet while elevating the decor. The material’s auburn tone is versatile with different aesthetics whether you want to create a bold design statement or make a space feel more inviting.

Order a sample of Quarter Sawn Mahogany Slab today to view its gorgeous color up close.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Sample Size

4" x 5", 8" x 10"