Cottage Oak Shaker


Cottage Oak


Alluring and elegant, Oak Textured Melamine Shaker will elevate your cabinets with its rich deep color and a graining that perfectly recreates real oak. The material incorporates the look of a dark gray stain with light weathered highlights running throughout it, achieving a stunning effect. Its versatile color can stand alone as the main feature or perfectly complement the details of your kitchen, bathroom, or closet.

Cottage Oak Melamine Shaker has high durability against moisture, heat, and stains, making it easy to clean and maintain. The timeless Shaker cabinetry style has a recessed center panel which brings depth and dimension to your cabinets while the unique wood-like texture adds a pleasing tactile feel. Get the dark cabinets of your design dreams with a high-quality material that won’t cost you a fortune.

Order a sample of Cottage Oak Textured Melamine Shaker to appreciate its sophisticated color and texture.

Please note: Shaker samples are built as an 8" x 10" piece, complete with a corner joint so you can get a sense of how our shaker components are constructed.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Sample Size

8" x 10"