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Reach an even higher level of sophistication with your cabinetry by using High-Gloss Acrylic Slab. With its scratch-resistant glossy surface, our High-Gloss Acrylic Slab cabinetry fronts balance beauty and durability, creating a stunning modern design that will be pristine for many years.

The Cabinet Face uses high-gloss laser edge banding that is coated with a specially formulated lacquer to achieve a glass-like finish. We offer two edge banding options, Solid Color or Glass Effect, to match the color or create an eye-catching detail. (Please note that all parts will have the same edge banding that you select unless stated otherwise on the order.)

Available in a variety of colors, browse our High-Gloss Acrylic Slab materials to start your cabinetry transformation.

Solid Color- Edge Banding
Glass Effect- Edge Banding


No Polishing Necessary – no polishing after removal of protective peel coat or during product lifetime.
Scratch-Resistant – top hardcoat layer developed to be the most scratch-resistant acrylic.
Dry-Erase Certified – scientifically proven to be very suitable for marker board use.
High Chemical Resistance – no visible changes after extensive chemical testing.
Extreme High-Gloss Finish – an impressive 90% gloss level is reflected off the perfectly smooth surface creating a mirror effect.
Color Richness – several layers are UV stabilized to ensure original color depth without fading.
Low-Maintenance Material – easy to clean with wet microfiber cloth or nonabrasive products.

color Choices

High-Gloss Acrylic Slab comes in 14 different color choices, which you can see below. If you’d like to order a sample, you can quickly add one to your cart by clicking “Add To Cart” under the sample you’d like to buy.

Additionally, we now offer various sample sets to make buying samples even easier! This way you won't need to add samples to your cart individually if you find what you want in a set. You'll see sample sets that include this material at the end of the list below.

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