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Dec 19

Elevate Your Shower Remodel: Expert Tips for Selecting Ideal Cabinets

Enhancing Your Shower Remodel: The Crucial Role of Cabinets     A shower remodel is more than just a run-of-the-mill home improvement project. Every element plays a pivotal role—especially the cabinetry.    This article will guide you through the essential steps of selecting the right cabinets—balancing style, functionality, and cost—to help you put the finishing […]
Oct 28

Timeless Elegance: White Oak Kitchen Cabinets for Modern Luxury

  Elevate Your Look with White Oak Kitchen Cabinets Known for their distinctive grain and warmth, white oak kitchen cabinets have taken center stage in modern kitchen designs. The reason is simple—they appeal to anyone looking for a perfect blend of luxury and durability. In this post, we’ll explore the unique appeal of white oak […]
Jun 12

Endangered White Ash: Preserving What Remains

  The wood sourced from ash trees has been utilized for making everything from baseball bats to furniture. They are used in most home building supplies, as well, such as cabinetry. Ash trees, a type of hardwood (meaning it comes from a deciduous tree that sheds its leaves every Fall), have been a source of […]
Mar 30

Amy Davidson

The Kitchen Of Her Dreams Actress, Mother, Dog lover, and Social Media Influencer, Amy Davidson is one busy woman. When she approached The Cabinet Face, we knew we wanted to help make her complete kitchen remodel run a lot smoother and become the kitchen of her dreams. Amy’s open floor plan allows her kitchen to […]