Stone Matte Finish Slab




Like a stone in the sun, our Stone Matte Finish Acrylic Slab will create a dark yet warm cabinet look. This material is dramatic and stylish like dark gray but has a touch of brown mixed in that will make your cabinets feel more welcoming instead of severe. Acrylic is a durable, low-maintenance material that features excellent resistance to scratches, chemicals, and UV exposure. It requires minimal upkeep so your dark cabinets will look brand new for years.

Stone Matte Finish Acrylic Slab blends the allure of dark gray with the comforting appeal of warm brown. Its flat finish brings softness and texture to cabinets, great for achieving a modern look and feel. Matte is also better at hiding smudges and fingerprints than gloss which is ideal for bustling households. The material’s edge banding has a specially formulated lacquer coating to extend the attractive color and finish, creating a cohesive appearance.

Order a sample of Stone Matte Finish Acrylic Slab to experience this sophisticated material.

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Weight 1 oz