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High-Gloss Acrylic Shaker is an elegant material for kitchen, bathroom, or closet cabinets that combines the sophistication and durability of acrylic with the timeless style of Shaker cabinetry. ‘Shaker’ fronts are composed of five pieces with a recessed center panel for added dimension.

The material’s smooth glossy surface balances beauty and durability, creating a stunning appearance that will be pristine for many years.

Unlike vinyl or foil-wrapped cabinetry, High-Gloss Acrylic Shaker is a low-maintenance material that is highly resistant to scratches, chemicals, and UV exposure for a lasting luxurious look and feel.

Please note that certain parts aren’t available in Shaker style (5″ drawers, toe kicks, and deco strips are only manufactured in flat panel style). Additionally, Shaker style parts over 40” tall will have a center rail, and all Shaker parts over 40” wide will have a center stile. Cover panels come standard in slab style, but Shaker panels are available upon request. Shaker panel dimensions need to be provided by the client and must be exact. These cannot be cut onsite.


From neutral tones to bright hues, The Cabinet Face offers a variety of shades with High-Gloss Acrylic Shaker and features color both on the front and back.

In addition to our extensive color selection, we use “laser edge banding” that is coated with a specially formulated lacquer to attain the material’s signature glass-like finish.

This process uses a precisely aimed laser to melt a thin layer of material around the acrylic panel’s edge, creating a nearly invisible seam and increasing moisture resistance.

Browse our High-Gloss Acrylic Shaker materials to begin your cabinetry transformation through quality craftsmanship.


Scratch-Resistant – The top hardcoat layer is specially formulated to be the most scratch-resistant acrylic against kids, pets, and more.
Chemical-Resistant – Extensive chemical testing showed no visible changes or stains from everyday kitchen spills.
Dry-Erase Certified – Wipe away marker messages and drawings with little effort thanks to its scientifically proven dry-erase surface.
Mirror Finish – An impressive 90% gloss level is reflected off the perfectly smooth surface, creating a mirror effect.
No Surface Flaws – Its superior quality and durability ensure flawless cabinet fronts.
No Polishing Necessary – Polishing not required after removing the protective peel coat or during the product’s lifetime.
Color Richness – The original color depth won’t fade thanks to its UV stabilized layers.
Low-Maintenance Material – Easy to clean with a wet microfiber cloth or non-abrasive products.

color Choices

High-Gloss Acrylic Shaker comes in 14 different color choices, which you can see below. You can order a sample of any material choice, which you can quickly add to your cart by clicking “Add To Cart” under the sample you’d like to buy. There is no minimum quantity required on sample orders.

Additionally, we now offer various sample sets to make buying samples even easier! This way you won't need to add samples to your cart individually if you find what you want in a set. You'll see sample sets that include this material at the end of the list below.

Please note: Shaker samples are built as an 8" x 10" piece, complete with a corner joint so you can get a sense of how our shaker components are constructed. Shaker samples are sold individually, and not restricted to be bought in groups of 4. If you are just interested in the color and not worried about the construction, see our coinciding slab materials for color samples.

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