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Eurocore Effect is a premium veneer panel that has all the natural beauty of wood but with a visually striking striped edge. The panel’s exposed-edge detail is created by combining real wood veneer onto a ‘medium-density fiberboard’ (MDF), a type of engineered wood product that is generally denser than plywood. These layers create an eye-catching effect around the panel’s edge, making it a perfect option for kitchen, bathroom, or closet cabinets.

Please note that all components made from Eurocore Effect will have a pre-determined edge option unless specified otherwise on your order. We also offer grain matching for a more organic appearance. Eurocore Effect panels are available up to 8′ height with a horizontal grain, and 8′ height and 48″” width in vertical grain. If you would like greater than 8′ height, there will be an additional lead time and fee.

Check out the variety of Eurocore Effect materials below to see how The Cabinet Face can transform your cabinetry through quality craftsmanship.

Grain Matching
We take great pride in taking the extra time to grain match our Eurocore Effect components. When the grain of the wood flows naturally throughout your project it imparts a natural sense of harmony throughout your space. Both vertical and horizontal grain matching are available.
Grain Direction
Grain direction is available in either vertical or horizontal grain. Horizontal grain can only be grain matched up to 40″ high (due to the maximum size of sheet goods available).  Please note, our filler panels will arrive vertically grain matched due to their height.
Better with age
Woods are known for their natural warmth and beauty, but often overlooked is the natural patina they develop with age. It is not uncommon for woods to take on the characteristics of their environment, quietly emitting a proud sense of history and character gently contributing to the overall warmth and peace of your space.

wood Choices

Eurocore Effect comes in 4 different wood choices, which you can see below. You can order a sample of any material choice, which you can quickly add to your cart by clicking “Add To Cart” under the sample you’d like to buy. There is no minimum quantity required on sample orders.

Additionally, we now offer various sample sets to make buying samples even easier! This way you won't need to add samples to your cart individually if you find what you want in a set. You'll see sample sets that include this material at the end of the list below.

Current Lead Times

Made to order in 9+ weeks

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