Textured Melamine Shaker

Our textured melamine IKEA custom doors are made with the deepest structured melamine panels in North America. Our shaker style textured melamine doors ares characterized by a five-piece door with a recessed center panel, and are a popular, timeless style for kitchens. They can enhance any space with the strength, texture, and aesthetic appeal of natural materials.

Please note 5″ drawers, toe kicks, deco strips, and panels will be manufactured flat panel style, not shaker.

Lead Time

Originally 4.5-5 weeks. The Cabinet Face is excited to announce we are dropping our lead times for all acrylic and textured melamine products to just 2-3 weeks.

Grain Direction

Available in either vertical or horizontal grain direction. Horizontal grain direction is available up to 40″ high (due to the maximum size of sheet goods available). Please note, our cover panels will have a vertical grain direction. Please note grain direction is NOT the same as grain matching. Melamine products are NOT grain matched.


Structured Melamine – using pressure and heat the thermofused laminated panels have the decorative texture and appearance of real woodgrain patterns.
Extremely Durable – we fuse the finest-quality melamine paper onto our premium western pine industrial core.
Panel to Panel Consistency – expertly manufactured to ensure color, surface, and core qualities are consistent panel to panel.
Low Maintenance Material – easy to clean with damp cloth or nonabrasive cleaning products.